How to take care of hibiscus plant

Hibiscus is a very familiar flower of any country. With proper care and maintenance, the beauty of this hibiscus flower will also beat the rose flower. The wonderful beauty flowers in the color of the form capture everyone’s mind.

Today we will know about How to take care of hibiscus plant. Hibiscus scientific name is Carolus Linnaeus It is an evergreen, flowering herb-like plant in the Genus Malvaceae, which originated in East Asia. hibiscus trees are known by different names in different places on the Indian subcontinent. For example, hibiscus in Bengali, Sembaruthi in Tamil, hibiscus in Hindi, Kusum, Semparatti etc. in Malayalam, etc.

How To Grow Hibiscus Flower Plant in Pots

At present, due to the advancement of agricultural science, we see many types of hybrid hibiscus flowering plants, among them Pune hibiscus and Bangalore hibiscus of India are very interesting which we see in various nurseries, as well as Australian Jaws, Tropical Hibiscus, as well as the diversity of our native hibiscus.

Location Selection: –

Hibiscus trees should be replaced in places where we get about 6 to 8 hours of sunshine in a day, so that the growth of the plant is better and the incidence of disease is less. This tree is good in fertile loamy soil or well-drained soil like sandy-loamy soil.

Hibiscus pot selection: –

Hibiscus is a perennial and permanent plant, so it is best to choose a large pot. In the first case, the plant should be transplanted into an 8-inch tub, but in one to one and a half years, it should be transferred to a 10-inch or 12-inch pot. It is not the case that you will get a lot of flowers if you take a big pot, if you take a big tub, you need to prune the roots of the plant everyone to one and a half years. When choosing a tub, there must be holes in the bottom and sides of the pot, otherwise excess water may accumulate in the tub and the plant may be crushed.

The soil preparation of hibiscus: –

Soil is an important thing. How your tree will be depends a lot on the soil. So, a lot of food is needed for the tree to grow in the tub. Make the soil first.

• 50% fertile loamy soil
• 40% one year old dung manure / one year old leaf rotten fertilizer / Vermicompost
• 10% of the river’s white sand
• 50 grams of bone meal
• 50 grams of horn meal
• Half a teaspoon of mustard cake
• one teaspoon of neem cake for every 10 inches pot. If you replace the hibiscus plant during the rainy season, mix one teaspoon of fungicide with the soil.

How To Grow Hibiscus Flower Plant in Pots

Mix all these ingredients well – now your soil is ready. At least 10-inch pots should be used to plant hibiscus plants, but it is better to have a larger pot. When selecting a tub, choose a more porous soil tub, in which the drainage system will be better. Also, even if more water is applied to the pot, the excess water makes the clay pot soup. When the tree is one and a half years old, then you can replace it in a place 12 inches or larger. Always use a tub of soil to plant any tree.

Method of replacement: –

Take the pot first. Put an open hole in the hole under the pot and fill it with some pieces of brick on it, then the soil will have to be given. What happens is that too much water comes out easily and your plant maintains good health. Now plant the saplings of the hibiscus plant and give it a little water. Now leave the tub in a shaded place for two to five days. Every year after the monsoon, every tub will have to be trimmed and the soil will have to be changed. From March to October, the time of planting from the cutting of the hibiscus plant.

Care of hibiscus plant: –

In order to take care of the hibiscus trees in the winter, the trees in the tub should be kept in full sunlight, and in the summer, keep the tub trees in places where they do not get intense sunlight in the afternoon, try to get sunlight in the morning and afternoon. In winter, the hibiscus plant does not need food as well as water. However, in the summer, it is very important to water the tub tree twice a day. In winter, the dormancy period of the hibiscus tree begins from June to October. The food of the tree that is more than two years old should be completely stopped. Only the trees should be kept alive with water and pesticides should be sprayed as needed. A few days after the end of the dormancy period, the tree should be pruned. During the rainy season, keep in mind that if it rains continuously, you can leave the tub under the shade or keep it under the shed. After a few days of rain, dig the soil of the tub a little and sprinkle the fungicide and leave the tree in the sun. During the rainy season, the trees in the tub should be sprayed with fungicides every 10 to 12 days at intervals.

How To Grow Hibiscus Flower Plant in Pots

Sunlight: –

Hibiscus grows best in bright light, the plant should be transplanted to a location that receives 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. But in summer, the tub should be placed in a shady place, otherwise all the leaves of the plant will burn and the buds will fall off. This can also be done on the balcony, but the plant should be placed where the light comes in. As much sun as it gets, the plant can grow beautifully.

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Water application: –

Both too much and too little water at the base of the plant are harmful to the plant. Trees suffer from various diseases and even die due to excessive water. For this reason, before watering the base of the plant, notice whether the plant needs water or not, if the roots are wet, it cannot be watered at all.

Necessary pesticides: –

White insects /Mealybug:

1. Hibiscus plants are attacked by mealybugs in addition to different types of insects so management measures should be taken as soon as they are seen. Pesticides made from the main ingredient imidachloropid are available in the market, mix five drops in 1 liter of water and spray on the plants. In case of mealybug infestation, a total of 7 sprays should be done every 5 days.

2. As soon as you see a white insect or mealybug attack on any tree, use Bayer Company’s Admire, 5 liters of water can be made from a packet of 2 grams.

3. Any insecticide made from a key ingredient called carbosulfan can be used to suppress mealybugs or worms, which are available on the market as marshalls. This pesticide should be sprayed 3 times in 5 days by whisking well with 2ml per liter of water.

Spider Mites:

This is a type of tiny insect that usually stay under the leaves of hibiscus. It forms small nets at the tip of the stalk. When they are attacked, the leaves turn yellow and curl up.
Remedy – Mix 2 ml of any one of the rolex, Oberon, Xmite well in a liter of water and spray it. It should be continued every 10/12 days until it is completely remedied.

For abundant flowers throughout the year, use 2 handfuls of dung manure, 1 teaspoon of mustard paste, 1 teaspoon of bone meal, 1 teaspoon of horn shavings, 1 teaspoon of micronutrients. The tree needs to be pruned twice a year from March to April and from August to September.




FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Is it possible to plant hibiscus plants in containers?

Hibiscus grows very well in containers and in the ground. If it is planted in a container, the branches and roots should be pruned every one to one and a half years. Choosing a large tub for the hibiscus plant is important. It is best to choose a tub that is 12 inches or larger.

Do hibiscus plants like direct sunlight?

Hibiscus prefers direct sunlight. The plant should be placed where it gets 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight daily. However, if the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius, arrangements should be made to keep the plants under shade.

Should the hibiscus tree be pruned at the beginning of winter?

Hibiscus flowers more or less year-round, so the plant can be lightly pruned in late summer or before the monsoons, but
 hibiscus should not be pruned in late autumn or winter.

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